Real-world approach to business success

A Gentle Tutorial in plain English.

Coming soon.

This will be an unabashed elaboration of a useful marketing plan template. However, it will lean far more heavily toward strategy & strategic marketing than pure marketing. Perhaps most importantly, it will be well-grounded on the premise that marketing and selling MUST be opposite sides of the same coin. (Trivia: The preferred meaning of, "obverse," is to denote the side of the coin bearing the "head.")

Sadly, a great many firms produce strategically flawed products for want of coordination between finance*, operations, marketing, and selling. Sad, but true.

In stark contrast, Honda Sochiro (i.e., Mr. Honda) managed to obliterate (More trivia: The press would insist upon using, "decimate," which, strictly speaking STILL means, "to reduce by a tenth-part.") his British motorcycle competition in his initial ex-Japan foray by following a brilliant, straightforward plan.

Produce a demonstrably better motorcycle and sell it for a price equating to the projected fully-burdened cost consonant with a 25% market share. The payoff? Obscene profits by achieving a 75% market share in less than 5 years.

* Here contemplating both cost accounting and treasury operations.