Real-world approach to business success

A straightforward tutorial in plain English.

Creating Success: Destination or Journey?
Forget what they say: It IS about the destination.

The relationship depicted in the exhibit to the right lies solely within the executive province. A complete exposition is covered by the first 6 page links listed to the immediate left. Taken together and in order, they constitute the basic review.

From them you'll have a workable basis for:
1. Determining your firm's appropriate destination (context & endgame).
2. Designing / selecting the wisest journey for reaching your destination (strategy).
3. How to most effectively route that journey (tactics).
4. How best to navigate while on that journey (metrics).
The basic review usefully covers all of the key points.

Perhaps most importantly, it'll aid in understanding:
1. Why your strategy has to be YOUR strategy and not a knock-off of someone else's.
2. Why your strategy cannot be fragmented and must be addressed holistically.