Real-world approach to business success

Raison d'Être.

Brief backgrounder: Several decades of boardroom (both sides of the table) and classroom (MBA/EMBA) experience has underscored the need for a workable and coherent analytical strategic framework. Absent such a framework, strategy entails unwelcome wrestling with obscure concepts and irrelevant concerns. Consequently, strategic planning tends to be superficial and sporadic. Once "completed," "The Plan" is relegated to a dusty-shelf ... only to await its perfunctory bi-/ tri-/ quini-annual refurbishment.

From our experience, firms could considerably improve their immediate profitability and long-term durability by establishing and using an integrated framework for routinely addressing strategy — along with its anticedents and its consequents. In that belief and to that end, we offer you this site.

We hope that the content provokes thought, corporate dialog, and constructive action. Should you wish, you'd be welcome to contact us here.

For continuity, this is being written with one-pen — a former CEO (privately-held, multi-national conglomerate) via CFO via MBA-retread scientist, while, in a parallel universe, a grad B-school professor (commencing with everyone's favorite, applied multivariate), spanning seven different academic departments, four major universities, and nearly four decades.